Welcome to the Extra Points Sports Betting Props League!

We did a snake-style fantasy draft, but with futures instead of players. Manager with the highest bank roll at the end wins!

1. Each owner will be given a budget of $1,025 to place to bets in a 10-round Fantasy-style snake draft. Each of the 10 rounds will carry a set amount that will be wagered in that round by each owner. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Round 1 – $300
  • Round 2 – $200
  • Round 3 – $150
  • Rounds 4-5 – $100 Each
  • Rounds 6-7 – $50 Each
  • Rounds 8-10 – $25 Each

2. The owners will select bets from a specific set of choices that will be distributed to the owners ahead of time. The bets will be drawn from the major events during the designated time frame. For the inaugural edition being drafted on 2/23/21, the events will go from the date of the draft up until 7/13/21, the scheduled date for the MLB All-Star Game. 7/13/21 will be the end of the contest even if All-Star game is delayed.

3. In the first 10 rounds, every bet shall enjoy exclusive ownership. Once an owner picks a bet, no other owner may select that bet in the first 10 rounds.

4. A bonus 11th round will be held at the end. Each owner will be given an additional $100 to spend on a 3-bet parlay. Owners may select any bet from the original set of choices even if it was selected by another owner during the draft. For simplicity sake, the $100 will be spread equally among the 3 legs of the parlay, no need to weight each one individually. Each leg must be a separate entity (ie, no stacking – you can’t take the Lakers to win the Western Conference and the Finals as two separate legs). League commissioner gets final say on all parlays that involve potential stacking.

5. The final league standings are determined by the total payouts won by the portfolio drafted by each owner. Highest bankroll at the end of the designated period is the winner.

6. In the event that an event is cancelled for which an owner is holding a ticket, that owner may reinvest the original cost of the ticket into a bet that went undrafted. Owner will contact league commissioner in order to make such an exchange. Exchanges are only allowed if the event is cancelled or delayed past the designated period. If this happens in the leg of the parlay, the leg may be replaced, but it must be replaced within 10% of the odds of the original bet. Odds will be determined at the point of substitution, not at the time of the draft.

7. Given the current global pandemic, league commissioner retains the right to adjust these rules in the spirit of correcting any competitive imbalance caused by the current uncertainty in the sports landscape.

8. Other than the adjustments contemplated in rules 6 and 7, all bets are final and may not be exchanged or traded or repriced.

9. In case of a tie in any bet, winners’ odds are divided by the the number of winners.