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Extra Points 1.2 utilizes the first version of the Pick Engine, a custom-written platform for publishing, tracking and maintaining bets. Future releases will focus on dissecting the data we’re collecting, but for now, all you need to know is how to publish a pick.

Go to your XP Control Panel and click Add New Pick.

This is the Add Pick form.

Select the pick author.

Select the author photo. Use the black and white photos in our media library. Future releases will auto-populate the image based on the author you selected.

Choose the bet type.

In the Odds field, enter the number and ONLY the number. -300, +150, etc.

Choose the sport or league the bet focuses on. If it isn’t in our list, add it using the button.

The Headline is where the short version of the bet goes.

For example:




The Pick Engine is designed to place one pick at a time in the Headline spot. If you’re trying to submit two picks at once, it won’t work. Add the extra pick as a second, standalone entry.

Paragraph text is self-explanatory. Add the copy for the pick in this box.


The Thunder laid an egg last game scoring only 80 points but Chris Paul and Stephen Adams won’t allow that to happen again. OKC is getting 6.5 points and that will be to many on a neutral court in a must have bounce back game for the Thunder.

The Lightning have won three straight in this series and have taken down the Bruins in 13 of their last 16 meetings. Nikita Kucherov and Brayden Point of Tampa Bay have more than “pointed” out to Boston who the king of the Eastern Conference is and they will prove it again in a series clinching victory on Monday.

Before you publish the pick, we need one more thing. Go back to the top of the page and, in the post title section, add a snippet of text using the following nomenclature:


For example: Harry’s pick for September 1st, 2020 would be H090120.

Finally, go over to the box on the right hand side of your screen and either type in the name of the pick author or choose it from the link just below the entry box.

Now you’re ready to publish.

PickEngine 1.0

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