How to Publish a New Podcast Episode

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When you log in to the Extra Points admin, the first thing you’ll see is your XP Control Panel. Your panel may look different than the one pictured below, but don’t worry; it has been customized to give you the tools you need.

To publish a new podcast episode, simply click the Publish New Podcast button.

You’ll be taken to the Podcast posting page, which looks a little something like the screenshot below.

First, let’s upload the audio file.

Scroll down to the Podcast Episode Details section and click the Select Podcast File button. Choose your audio file and press okay.

Your file will upload in the background to our podcast hosting partner, but you’re now free to fill out the rest of the information we need from you…starting with the day you recorded the episode, if it’s different than the day you’re uploading it.

That’s it. For uploading, anyway.

Next, you’ll choose the show you’re posting an episode for. On the right hand side of your screen, you’ll see Series followed by a listing of Extra Points podcasts. In the near future, this will auto-select for you based on the show you produce, but for now, click the show name you want to publish to.

You don’t need to publish a Featured Image – our program automatically selects the correct image based on the podcast series you just selected.

You’re almost ready to publish your podcast. But the last few steps of this process are crucial. They can make or break your podcasting endeavor, so let’s talk about them:

It’s time to enter our show title, or headline, and our episode description.


The headline is–perhaps including the show itself–the most important tool you have for attracting new listeners.

Your headline is the thing that:

Gets shared on social media

Shows up most prominently in Apple Podcasts and other apps.

Put some thought into it. Don’t list your episode topics. Don’t use headlines you used last week, or month. Don’t make it boring. Give someone who has never heard anything about your show a reason to click and listen.

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