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What are the different types of bets?


A moneyline bet is the simplest sportsbook wager available.

The favorite is the team/player/side expected to win the game. Odds for the favorite begin with a -, followed by a number that denotes how big of a favorite they are.

The underdog (or dog) is the team/player/side that is expected to lose. The underdog odds start with a +, followed by a number that indicates how big of an underdog they are.

The bigger these numbers are, the bigger favorite/underdog they are. -125, for example, denotes a slight favorite, while -1500 indicates a very large favorite.

These numbers also tell us how much each bet will cost the bettor, and also how much they will receive if the bet is a winner.

-125, for example, means that a bettor must pay 125 to receive $100 from a winning bet. At -1500, the bettor must pay $1500 to receive $100. On the underdog side, +125 means the bettor will receive $125 from a bet of $100, in addition to the $100 wagered. +800 means the bettor would receive $800 plus the $100 wagered.




  • Over/Under
  • Spread
  • Parlay
  • Prop
  • Futures


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